Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Saturday, August 8

Scratch, scrape, fiddle

Fresh now. What March? What are you even talking about?

Sunday, March 22

Lucy's Story

Thank you Ms Changes Pants While Driving! If it weren't for you, I might never have realized how much I wish that double sided duct tape existed. Sure wouldn't want to fall on that stuff though.

Happiness makes me quiet, and for some reason impedes my writing creativity and stimulates my visuals. Visuals as in painting and such. But, let's talk about the dog.

Had my internet been hooked up during her first 6 days, I would have woefully poured out my story. I had this dog for just 7 hours, until her floppy ears suddenly went pointy and propelled her up and over the fence. She looked over her shoulder at me as she bolted into the night. I ran after her, but her shtumpy legs outraced my own. I searched, I cried, I made pitiful flyers, none of which made any difference. She came home at 4am the next night in a heavy downpour. She whimpered at the door, and bolted when I opened it. Over the next SIX days, the joke was on the "lost" dog flyers. She was never lost, she was right over there. She returned home 3 to 4 times a day, each time to sadly flee me again. Neighbors called with reports of the latest sightings. At Jiffy Lube, in the grocery parking lot, in the damn intersection of racing traffic. This dog was never lost, just uncatchable. I cooked bacon with my door open and made many other animal friends. I gave my name, number, and address to every stranger within a mile. I found my dog walking routine, twice a day, I walked dogless with bacon bits, calling and coaxing. She met me on most of these walks from a 20 foot distance. On the sixth day, she seemed to be expecting me. She cocked her crazy, fuzzy, face at me from a leaf pile, gave a big dog stretch and came bounding up to me. Bounding, I tell you. As if she'd been looking for me the whole time. Crazy little dog still lives at home, and is hugely attached. However, she can scale a 6 foot fence, and nighttime possesses her. I may have a leash surgically attached to her jugular.

Welcome home, Lucy, aka, Piggly Wggly.

Saturday, March 21


This blog has become just a bookmark to those I like to read. So thank you, links to the right, for being the only reason I visit my own page.

But, then again, we now have Lucy.

Friday, February 20

It's really time for me to go to work

I often hear bloggers suggest that their absences coincide with rough times. My absences are the opposite. Writing is not my natural creative outlet, more of a space to process. Life is spiffy for me at the moment, which seems to leave me with little to say. Yet, I have this blank space here that calls for something in it........

I trail off and need to paint......

Perhaps, that is the way th.......

more trailing.....

my natural writing skill emerges.......

yet doesn't.....



Thursday, February 5


Cabbage, but then Lux Interior died. Was it really that long ago that I rubbed his chest? Wow, it was nearly 15 years ago. It was so smooth, everybody else was doing it, then we all jumped off a bridge and it was punk rock.

Saturday, January 31

Background music for all things Cabbage

Cabbage Rolls and Coffee

The sharing videos option from youtube is not working so there is the link. The song starts about 6 minutes into the skit. I like that my question triggered so many culinary and musical cravings. I guess nobody won, except for me. That rocks. So I shall write an Ode to Cabbage and Myself, the winner.

Thank you for playing.

Monday, January 26

Canned Milk and Coffee, Mmm, Mm, Good

I'll give a prize to the first person who catches my reference. The prize will be a shiny new blog post, all about Cabbage, sometime in the next month or so. That was a hint.

Five runners up will receive nothing, but will impress me with their existence.

Good luck.