Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Monday, March 29

Good Bye DC, You'll Always be Special to Me

Goodbye, Friend

Metallic bubbles
Aluminum infused taste buds
Vibrating molars

Crackity fizz pop
Keens for my clutching embrace
Let's talk about this

Tab bore Diet Coke
Chemically infused rebound
Twenty year affair

Now we walk alone
Broken chain of bubble love
Never forgotten

Saturday, March 27

Small things that float my boat

first smell and sip of my morning coffee
inspiration from strangers, art, writing and such
me pero loco
learning to habla Espanol
two inch square canvasses - I've never actually bought one of these, but I like carrying them around the store
ooo, the craft store
games, any and all games
fortune telling
the plasticky smell of acrylic paint
the rubbery smell of white erasers

I'm sure there are more. I'm pretty easy to please. I might need to make a list of favorite smells.

Friday, March 26

Talkers to the right, Listeners to the left

No more denying it. I am so much more interested in reading other blogs than I am in writing my own. I come to my blog page just as a bookmark site in order to read the ones I love. I'm a bit embarrassed to be listed on other people's link lists, in the company of so many interesting writers. I do better answering survey questions or taking on interesting assignments like Law With Grace's, Stolen Words project. That is so cool to me, somehow. An opening line sends me in so many directions. Though I can't stand those paper journals with headers, who needs that? Well, I guess in internet land, I do.

This week I have been mired in social services land, and I'm not sure those stories are anything other than depressing to others. I feel like I need a good questionnaire.

Anyone have one for me?