Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Tuesday, February 26

Creepy Covers

More of the same, because I like it. Ashley loaned me Shadow Child, by Joseph Citro, but it has an ultra spooky cover that only gives a small hint of the evil within. I dreamt the Shadow Children were plaguing this respectable English Village. It was the perfect scary dream, like a movie that I was controlling. I can't control my dreams often, but when I can, it is intense. Can anyone else here do that?

And then, The Alienist, by Caleb Carr. Whoo. This is dark, historical, and plain nasty in parts. It's been long enough, that I'm almost ready to read it again. Well written horror/mystery is hard to find. His second book, Angel of Darkness is also satisfying, but from there he goes sci-fi and loses me.

Why do I feel like sitting here and talking about books all day? Who cares, moving on. Sci-fi. I don't like it unless its a post-apocalyptic desolation story, like The Postman, by David Brin, or The Road, by Cormac McCarthy. The Road has a slick cover too. Oprah made this book trendy, but at least I found it before she slapped on her sticker. I also like the occasional alien story, like Stranger in a Strange Land, but I don't want to hear about robots, fantastical creatures, or inter-galactic politics. Bo-Ring.

Monday, February 25

Monday Covers

I choose books for their covers, you bet. It's why I picked up the Alienist. If I don't like a cover, I will tape something over it while I read. I try not to look at author's photos either, they all look like realtors, and they gum up the voices. Here's my latest choice, and so far, it oozes creepy-ness from every dusty, yellow page. The tagline reads: Insane Evil in a Respectable Engish Village.

I'm reading it now, in a blanket and pajamas, enjoying a surprise morning off. To me, it is morning, for you, that is your deal.

Monday, February 18

Color Humor

I snort out loud when this cartoon pops into my head. I do. I was standing in Michael's the other day in the paint section, and I uncontrollably snorted and sputtered, then squeaked in my effort to contain myself.

Saturday, February 16

Green Wheels

Ha ha on me, my new car matches my blog. Green is meant to be. It is not a buick, it is not a gramma car, and it is all in my name. Swank. Well, mine and the bank's name, and it's new, as in new to me, but you get my drift. I have new wheels and they are green.

Wednesday, February 13

Chico Enrico Suavee

I was cleaning out my iphoto library and I found a forgotten photo of my crazy dog. In kc, when he was still scrawny. I wonder if I'll still be pushing photos of this dog when I'm 85.

Wire Brush

I had almost as much fun making this tool as I did using it. It took about an hour, several failed attempts and lots of blood. These bristles are sharp.


I love scratchboard, but I'm stuck for the right tool. I did these with a mini swiss army knife, which was perfect, but went dull. Hey, I could sharpen it. With a stone maybe. Hmm. That didn't really occur to me before. I've tried scribes, exactos, all sorts of blade shapes, and nothing is working for me like the swiss army knife.

Betsy - The mistyness is just from bad photos. The backgrounds are actually jet black. I wish I could hold a camera still. The smoke on the top one is from a wire brush I made. I combined a fisher price mini hammer and bristles from one of my welding brushes. You can also make groovy mist with steel wool. I also thought a lot about those birds, and they seem to be returning on the scene, just without the hat and boots.

Monday, February 11

Liquid Words

Between glowing O-Town
No ever equations

Iridescent tissue not, definitely not,

How guts teeter involuntary
DD stolen.


Work was fun tonight, I love, love, love, painting and watching other people paint. I don't care what they're painting, I like watching house painters, and even the machines that paint dotted lines in the street. It's my something shiny, it's magic.

Sunday, February 10

Between Books

Finishing a good book is like putting your best friend on a train, not knowing the next time you'll meet. Finishing Lonesome Dove is like putting that friend on a wagon train, knowing that you'd better cherish that visit forever, because it will be the last time you meet in this lifetime. Sappy and dramatic? You bet. I almost get physically depressed when I finish a powerful book, and I even resent the next one trying to take its place. In fact, missing Lonesome Dove makes me miss Chico, which makes me feel all girly and sad. I need a break in between books to give the next one a fighting chance. Do I jump into my cheezy Michael Crichton book for cheap rebound filler, or do I seek out The Streets of Laredo in hopes that it will deliver the same punch as the Dove? Or perhaps I just do cryptograms for a while. There are a lot of betweens happening now.

Thursday, February 7

Glowing Blue Blooms

Damn if I can't hold a camera still even for a second. But, the color is near dead on. These interference paints shift colors in different angles and light, and they glow in the moonlight. Except, I can't get this post to stack right.

Edit - Yarnwhore, you can totally find these at Coldsnow. They are Golden Interference colors. This is the same painting in the light and in the dark. The paints flip to their complement in the light. They are nearly invisible by themselves on white background and pop on dark backgrounds.

golden paints

Friday, February 1


It's been a long time since my "Crackhole Killed My Dog" post, and since then, this town has imporved greatly. I'll have to try and find that rant, I'm sure it's in my computer somewhere.

~I like the typo of "imporved." It sounds like as much as I want something improved, the reality is that it is in fact, imporved, instead.

I love psycho-babble. I think this blog keeps me a bit more honest, because my words are in print to reflect on later. So, in print: I think I will be in this town a while longer.

The pile of flow-charts, budget projections, and lists of options, seem to point this way. More specifically, to maintain my current 2 jobs and add one more, which only will increase my work week by 5-10 hours, and will help me save moving costs. Blah, blah, blah, I'll find out next week after talking to my boss, if this third deal can be added most quickly.

So. If I'm going to stay here for a bit, I need to create curtains, and see about fixing my levelors so that they actually levelate out of cave setting. Like those 80's make-up mirrors. Office, home, natural and cave. Whoever invented that did not live in Olympia.