Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Wednesday, February 13


I love scratchboard, but I'm stuck for the right tool. I did these with a mini swiss army knife, which was perfect, but went dull. Hey, I could sharpen it. With a stone maybe. Hmm. That didn't really occur to me before. I've tried scribes, exactos, all sorts of blade shapes, and nothing is working for me like the swiss army knife.

Betsy - The mistyness is just from bad photos. The backgrounds are actually jet black. I wish I could hold a camera still. The smoke on the top one is from a wire brush I made. I combined a fisher price mini hammer and bristles from one of my welding brushes. You can also make groovy mist with steel wool. I also thought a lot about those birds, and they seem to be returning on the scene, just without the hat and boots.

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betsy said...

I think my left arm tattoo (your bird creatures) would like to hang out in those places. They would fit right in. The bottom two have a misty look in them. How do you do that in a knife scratch?