Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Saturday, February 16

Green Wheels

Ha ha on me, my new car matches my blog. Green is meant to be. It is not a buick, it is not a gramma car, and it is all in my name. Swank. Well, mine and the bank's name, and it's new, as in new to me, but you get my drift. I have new wheels and they are green.


Ashley said...

I love how they took a a picture of it, seemingly intentionally, with sun glare so you cant really see the color. So is it a stick or auto?

betsy said...

it's car buying day!! me too. black for me.

Pearly Blythe said...

Rock on! What did you get?

And, Ashley, it's an automatic. I drove around for 2 hours today and it made me happy. The car is narrow enough, that when I have a 12 pack of diet coke on the passenger side floor, I can lean over while driving and reach it. This was a tricky maneuver in the buick.

yarnwhore said...

Niiiice. We no-depth-perception girls do much better in the small cars. and being able to reach all the way across my car is really nice.