Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Thursday, February 7

Glowing Blue Blooms

Damn if I can't hold a camera still even for a second. But, the color is near dead on. These interference paints shift colors in different angles and light, and they glow in the moonlight. Except, I can't get this post to stack right.

Edit - Yarnwhore, you can totally find these at Coldsnow. They are Golden Interference colors. This is the same painting in the light and in the dark. The paints flip to their complement in the light. They are nearly invisible by themselves on white background and pop on dark backgrounds.

golden paints


yarnwhore said...

Woah, cool. Interference paints? Tell me more.

I can't paint nearly as well as you can, but I'm intrigued enough in my nerdy little way to want to play around with these. Is this something I could find at Coldsnow?

yarnwhore said...

I went google-crazy after I posted my comment and hunted them down. Is there a big difference between the coarse and regular colors, or have you played with those?

They have different reds and yellows online, and with my budget and time, I'm probably going to be working on just gessoed panel, so I don't want to buy 2 reds if the difference is negligible.

Pearly Blythe said...

I have both and I think the difference is pretty subtle. I just got what was available at the store. This painting has interference blue coarse and iridescent gold fine. If you look at the paint in person, you'll see the difference in the grit size.