Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Sunday, January 31

Intestine Fairy

Speaking of gut spilling, mine did so this summer. My intestines punched through my abdominal wall and rested in a fist sized bubble, precariously restrained by skin and my favorite leather belt. I am highly doctorphobic, which caused me to prep for surgery mostly by organizing important papers and cleaning out my underwear drawer. This little dude heard my panic and flew out of my paintbrush the night before surgery. Not many people get to meet their intestine fairy, but he sensed my urgency, revealed himself, and promised to wake me up if the doctor forgot. Thank you Intestine Fairy, maybe I can someday repay the favor.

Tuesday, January 26

Yo Palaverings

Right! Are we over-thinking, or being wisely cautious? Part of it is purely psychological, not wanting someone I don't like read my thoughts. But, what if I published a book? Would I add a byline that lists the people who will be neutralized if they pluck it from the shelves? Even if someone goes to the googlerrific effort of connecting my sites, so what, not like they have my home address.

Sometimes I want to write all of my aliases on one sheet of paper. I wonder if it would spontaneously combust. I don't even know what name appears when I comment elsewhere. It was Pearly Blythe for awhile. I chose that because it felt like the furthest thing from myself. But, I prefer Patty Purviss, my longtime and favorite alias. I actually could answer to Patty in a crowded room, though that, gasp, is not my real name. I was amused to find through googling, (wow, that is a word!), that there are actually a plethora of patty purvisses out there.

Patty Purviss, is that your Pledge Pin?!?!?

ps - thank you, lurking Yo, for responding and inspiring

Sunday, January 24


How many people link their blogs with other sites? people sites and blogs, selling sites, and neworky places? There are pros and cons to either choice, of course. Do I want someone who might buy a painting to read my ramblings? I think yes, though I can imagine exceptions. Over compartmentalizing makes me a little funny sometimes. Exacerbates my splitdom and confuses my roadmaps. I hate having multiple email addresses, passwords, and identities. Actually, I enjoy the various identities, I just lose track of their whereabouts.


I'm about to have something to say. Any minute now.