Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Monday, May 12

Some of my best friends are cops

That's such a bad joke, oh well. A smidge of my cop faith was restored last night. When I said I had encountered one or two good ones, he was who I was thinking of, and the one who showed up last night. He was compassionate, realistic and human. He was kind to the kid while arresting him, and he was a hard-ass on the phone to detention when they tried to refuse him. The kid had threatened me with a knife this time, and another staff with other various heavy objects. Dispatch is tired of hearing about this kid, so they only sent one cop, instead of the usual pair. So, there finally is the chance that he won't be back in the house today.

The day began with adrenaline and chaos, and ended with storytime. I love that teenagers let me read to them. I read "There's a Hair in My Dirt," by Gary Larson, and one of them exclaimed, "this guy's as weird as you!" Now I have a list of kid book requests, so I'm going to the library on my way to work. And tomorrow, I have the day off.


doodlebugfinery said...

Hey you.
Did you know that "There's A Hair In My Dirt!" is one of Sophia's favorites? It's comforting to know that my child is as weird as me, and Gary Larson, and you.
Sorry about the cops. I think when you go to cop school you are supposed to trade your compassion and humanity for that shiny badge they give you....
Miss you,

Pearly Blythe said...

You were in my head yesterday, I swear it! And how come your website of finery is not linkable through your name?

Miss you too.

Since I never seem to get north, you and ashleyshould meet for coffee with your chirlins. In fact, I believe you did meet once long ago over coffee.