Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Wednesday, September 22

DC maker the life better

Lost in translation spambot trying to derail my recovery?

Velveteen spambot turned real by magical dc bubbles?

I woke up to a slew, (can you have a slew of 3?), of garbled comments on my woefully outdated posts.

Perhaps dear commenter, you have just relapsed on the DC, and are blissfully babbling to your fellow addict. I want to say "just say no!" But, really all I'm thinking is that Diet Coke must have missed me very much, and I'm glad you too have found each other.

And thank you diet coke head for waking up my blog fingers. I will try to keep them tingly longer this time.


Yo is Me said...

can i send you some diet coke?

my verification word is "blerses", which also happens to be the first thing that i say in the morning when hung over.

yarnwhore said...

What do the fortune sticks say?