Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Sunday, March 30

Stars, Not Maps

I like this secret. Whether it's we, you, or me, really, no map is necessary. If I had one, I'd miss my next bus while looking for the "you are here" arrow and trying to determine the appropriate destination and it's exact mileage.

Recent spaces that I never would have seen on a map:

~The foreign country that is my mailbox holding Pearly's maiden mail. But wait, I've been to foreign countries, and this seems vaguely familiar.

~Surly gang member, giggling over easter egg dyes. "Do we get to hunt for them too?!?" You bet.

~Explaining to a new crowd how my ex-husband's nephew became one of my best friends. His people, "you're bringing your divorced aunt to the bar?"

~Fielding the question, "Could I have your phone number, so I can ask you out sometime?" Censoring my initial response of, "What? Why are you asking me that? What the hell?"

~Speaking such sentiments somewhat publicly.

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