Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Sunday, April 6

Why I Don't Miss T.V.

I've never really been a huge t.v. watcher, mostly I just binged out on Top Model marathons when nobody was looking. But, now I just have super mario brothers and a dvd player which mostly plays music. ~Someone just honked at me, driving by my apartment. ~ Traffic on wet pavement is soothing, possibly more so than the ocean, or at least equally so. Anyway, a few surreal moments from last night. Does the word "surreal" seem passe to you? What about the word, "passe?"

~I'm higher than you. No, I'm higher. I'm a geek, I'm a spaz, I'm a retard. I'm a freak, I'm a spaz, and I'm higher than you. Swing racing. Cherry blossoms sprinkling down between the raindrops. Flash to yesterday and he's wielding jagged glass and humping door-jams. He'll be in juvie next week, but they're full now. It's a concrete hotel, you have to have a reservation most of the time, at least a week or two out.

~Selecting condoms with random guy staff, for a 15 year old, who's claiming to be a neo-nazi, but his jet black eyebrow stubble is starting to poke back through, and "no, you can't have a razor." Would you believe that we have a huge bag of condoms and lube behind the fax machine?

~Recovering over 2am biscuits and gravy, asked the waitress about the "hot link", as opposed to the sausage links and sausage patty. "Oh, that's just something on the menu, we don't actually have that." Jesus was playing pull-tabs, my first time there was in 94. I'm fond of the people at the table, fleeting, yet comforting.

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