Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Monday, July 7


Did I say I only blog when I'm crabby? That's not true, I'm not crabby right now, I'm just fascinated by these squid balls. I also have frozen peas strapped to my foot from a spastic basketball game, so I'm stuck sitting still for a bit. I'm not sure what the blog etiquette is on stealing other people's photos for your own blog, but I'm taking the chance here because just look at them, those inky squid balls. The photo was taken by Elyse Sewell, who writes like an assassin and documents food of my nightmares. Makes sense to me, if not to you. So, it's time to add more links to the side and she will be one. More blogetiquette quandry, I left myspace primarily over wanting to ditch specific "friends," and found it was easier just to close the page and start anew. How do other bloggerites feel about deleting a link that you've had up for a while? I'm prone to abstract guilt, and that sort of thing stresses me out. I guess that's another area that blogging allows me to practice on. Who cares, right? It's my blog right? Can I really worry about hurting someone's feelings that way? I could, but I shant. I started this blog privately with 8 readers, and got brave enough to "go public" a month or so in. I'm anonymous enough, that people I don't want to find me, likely won't, but if they stumble across me, oh well. I don't tell the locals or the co-workers, and I don't want to be linked by those who know me in real life. Maybe I'll let go of that last hang-up next month. Or maybe by the end of this post.

The stolen squid balls seem to have a built-in-anti-theft-device, and I can not post the picture here. So, go to her, and see for yourself.

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