Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Wednesday, July 16

I Remember Now

That was amazing. Really incredible. My eyes are all the way open and the birds don't irritate me. Twelve hour crash, mm, mm, mmmmm.

Tonight I will take my camera with me, so that when I return home, I can document the nightly pestilence that coats my front door. It's like Amityville Horror, but instead of flies, it is a flock of earwig-ant-looking-hybrids. There was also a large midwestern-style cockroach looking creature to the right, that I'm not ready to call a cockroach yet.


Romi said...

I am definitely going to be waiting for a cockroach pic....what do those even look like? I'm so accustomed to the visual of a spider, or a fly or an earwig, cockroach seems less familiar (hmm...does that mean I'm stupid?)

Pearly Blythe said...

No, you are a rare fortunate soul. I envy your ignorance, and if I were you, I would make it my lifelong goal to never shatter the sanctity of a cockroach-free world.

Besides, there are not supposed to be cockroaches in Washington. Whatever it was has not returned, so at this point, I'm retracting the cockroach label and calling it an Olympian Dragonfly.

Yes, sometimes, when things go very, very wrong, cockroaches fly.