Pelagia Noctiluca

Pelagia Noctiluca

Tuesday, January 29

Ever Attentive Eight

1. What makes you decide to be with the person you’re with? A mutual belief that we are meant to share this particular time and space.

2. What made you decide to do the work you do? I'm the Freak Whisperer. I've been doing it forever, I'm just getting paid now.

3. What type of discussion brings out the most passion in you? Prejudice towards the freaks I whisper to, and the systems that expel them and keep them freaky.

4. If you could change three things about your life instantly by snapping your fingers, what would you wish for before the big snap? That I'd have the sense not to snap. I saw that Twilight Zone, and I know the moral to this story.

5. What two qualities do you possess that you would never, ever change? The constant need to paint, draw, or create any kind of output. Without it, I'd be bored and so would my walls. What else? The ability to pinch people and pick up objects with my toes.

6. When you come across something you want to change in your life, what’s the first step? To say, Oh Hell, because change is a pain in the ass. Beyond that, make a list, or 5 if it's a big change.

7. At what moment in your day are you most at peace? This time of not-so-morning when I'm drinking coffee and preparing for the day. Though, there is enough anticipation of the day's unknown, that it might not be so peaceful. I suppose then it's more honest to say I'm at the most peace in the thick of the work day, when I'm part of a productive and therefore peaceful group of people.


betsy said...

Great questions. I'm still pondering what my answers would honestly be. I usually respond to such good questioning with more wit than honesty.

Pearly Blythe said...

Me too, but having only 8 people reading my blog makes it much easier to be honest. And it still all feels very strange.